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Losing a tooth can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Not only can it make you feel self-conscious but the strange sensation in your mouth where the tooth used to be can keep you from staying properly nourished.

A popular solution to broken or missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants fuse to your jawbone and allow fake teeth to be mounted with the use of an abutment (or connecting element placed between the false teeth and the implant screw).

Dental implants have been around since ancient China, and archaeological evidence shows that, over time, people have dealt with the problem of missing teeth by trying to fill the gap with anything from seashells to ivory to precious metals.

Dentists emptied their seashell collections in 1965 when the first titanium implant was placed at Sweden’s Gothenburg University and following this genesis, the practice has seen rapid progress leading to the advanced state of the industry we are in today. Read More »

With the kids back in school and crisp autumn days approaching, we automatically think football.  But along with school sports comes the protective sports mouthguard.

While our minds don’t automatically jump to mouthguards in the fall, keeping your smile and teeth healthy and protected is a big job for this small dental appliance. A fitted, custom-made mouthguard will help absorb the shock and spread the impact of a blow to the face in the event of an injury.

Broken or knocked out teeth, broken jaws and cuts to the lips and mouth can occur when playing sports.  The American Dental Association (ADA) states an athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth and mouth when nor wearing a mouthguard.  And you don’t have to be a professional athlete to have damage to your mouth or teeth.

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know how important oral hygiene is for us…and you.

Coming from a dentist, this might sound like a cliché, but there are few things as important to your overall health as brushing and flossing twice a day.

For the majority of us, we come home to a toothbrush in the medicine cabinet or our gym bag. When it’s time to replace our trusty toothbrush (every three months, by the way), we head down to the local drugstore or Walmart and grab a new one for 1.98. Easy. There has never been a “Great United States Toothbrush Shortage,” or “Toothpaste Drought of 1911.” These items are always around us as they have always been. Read More »

Baby teeth start to come in at around six months of age and your child

should have all 20 baby teeth between age two and three.


Teething Tips

When teeth start to erupt, some babies may have sore or tender gums. Read More »

Come celebrate with us as we celebrate Go Valley Kids’ 1st year! Go Valley Kids has become an amazing go to spot for Northeast Wisconsin’s families looking for events and local resources . Come connect with other families and join us for ice cream, princesses, children’s activities, music and more!

Go Valley Kids SocialGo Valley Kids has partnered with Outagamie School’s Back to School Program which has been providing needy students in grades K-12 with a backpack & basic supplies for that very important first day of school since 1990!
The event is free but ask that you bring a school supply donation (or suggested donation $5).
Suggested donations (items must be new):
Backpacks, Markers, Glue Bottles, Filler paper, Colored Pencils, Folders,  Notebooks, Glue sticks, and Erasers

Friday, 08 August, 2014
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Patriot Park
2950 W Darling St
Appleton, WI 54914

Amanda Chavez
Email: [email protected]
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Does a spoonful of ice cream or a sip of hot coffee sometimes become a painful experience for you? Does brushing or flossing make you wince occasionally? If so, you may have sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth are the result of stimulation of the cells within tiny tubules that run from the outside of the tooth into the center of the tooth where the nerve and blood supply is located. Where healthy enamel covers the tooth surface, you usually don’t feel pain, but when the hard enamel is worn away or exposed, teeth can become sensitive by eating or drinking foods and beverages that are hot or cold (think soup or iced soda), by touching the tooth (even with a toothbrush) or by exposing them to cold air (breathing through your mouth in the dead of winter). Read More »


Cats Flossing Teeth

Image credit to Craig Wyzik | Flickr


Although your dentist has the delicate task of taking care of your mouth and monitoring your oral health, most of what will be done in your life to maintain your smile comes down to oral hygiene.

It’s true that oral hygiene can be confusing with lots of conflicting opinions about what is effective and what is not. Here are some of the straight facts:



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Oh no – what can I replace my missing tooth with?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may be aware of the impact on your appearance and dental health.  A missing tooth in front affects the way you speak, chew and smile.  Missing teeth in the back can cause your mouth to shift and your face to look older than your years.

The good news is, there are three options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth:

  1. Dental Implant
  2. Fixed Bridge (aka “Fixed Partial Denture” or “FPD”)
  3. Removable Bridge (aka “Partial” or “Partial Denture”)

Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and Dr. Luther can help you choose the best option for you. Read More »

A trip to the dentist can be a very emotional experience.

Like any appointment, there is the time to worry about as well as the cost and, oh yeah, how am I going to explain a cavity if they find one? The whole thing can be pretty stressful.

Thankfully, it’s unlikely that everything you’ve heard or have come to believe about your dentist is true. Just like any other medical professional, the majority of dentists are where they are because they want to see you proudly displaying that beautiful smile you have.

Let’s debunk some of these dentistry myths.

 1. The dentist doesn’t have time for me.

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“I’m your dentist, and I love the career that I picked. I’m your dentist and I (enjoy) the pain I inflict.”
- “Dentist” from Little Shop of Horrors

As unfortunate as this (worldwide dentist-boycotted) song is, the lyrics accurately convey the emotion that many people feel toward their friendly neighborhood smile-smiths.

Twice a year is the ideal number to swing in and say “hi.” A recent Gallup poll, however, shows that one-third of Americans haven’t visited the dentist once in the past year. Though the poll doesn’t provide insight into their reasoning, the excuses always make their way back to us.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. It’s going to hurt

This excuse may be reasonable, but it’s also a bad one…very bad. Here’s why:

The truth is that the mouth is a hypersensitive part of the body. It’s full of thousands of nerve endings and any contact with one of those nerve endings can result in a varying degrees of pain.

As a dentist, it is impossible to promise a pain-free experience.  What is safe to pledge, however, is that the amount of pain you feel in the office is going to be much less than the amount you will experience if a dental problem continues untreated.

Take the root canal for example. A root canal is a necessary procedure to save an abscessed tooth and has become a trope for unpleasant and painful experiences. Abscesses can be prevented early on with basic preventative dental care and managing cavities should they occur. Read More »